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Advertising On Philadelphia Radio: 5 Key Facts For Business Owners

Feb 10, 2020 4:33:23 PM / by Larry Julius

Delaware Valley small business owners have been advertising on Philadelphia radio since the first local stations, went on air in 1922.  By almost every metric, the medium remains the best way to successfully market goods and services to local consumers.

Before local businesses execute their marketing plans for this year, here are five facts they should know about radio advertising.

1. Philadelphia Radio Reaches More Consumers Than All Other Media

Last week, 3,830,493 adults tuned-in to a Philadelphia radio station. That is significantly more than watched local TV, read a newspaper, engaged with social media, or used a streaming audio site like Pandora and Spotify.

Advertising In Philadelphia Media Reach (2020)2. Philadelphia Radio Reaches Consumers of All Ages Including Millennials

Radio reaches the most Delaware Valley consumers of all ages. This is even true among millennials, a generation who grew up with an abundance of media options.

Advertise In Philadelphia Age Demographics 2020

3. Philadelphia Radio Listeners Are Fiercely Loyal

Adult consumers spend, on average, 1 hour and 45 minutes per day listening to local radio stations. This number has stayed remarkably consistent for many years despite the deluge of new media options.  

How can this be? The chart below indicates that, nationally, consumers have made more time in their day for all media, including local radio.

Advertising In Philadelphia Media Usage

4. Philadelphia Radio Reaches The Most Hispanic and African American Consumers

Black and Hispanic consumers represent a sizable portion of the Delaware Valley. According to Nielsen, these two populations comprise 31% of the adult population and will contribute $42.7 billion in spending to the local economy.

Advertise In Philadelphia

To claim a share of this very lucrative market requires Philadelphia small business owners to advertise. By any metric, local radio is the best way to reach Black and Hispanic consumers.

For instance, last week, 91.7% of Black and Hispanic consumers tuned-in to a Philadelphia radio station. This is considerably more than watched local TV, read a newspaper, used social media, or logged-in to a streaming audio site.

Advertising In Philadelphia Black and Hispanic Consumers (2020)

5. Philadelphia Reach More Consumers At Every Income Level Than All Other Media

Reaching Philadelphia consumers with money to spend is critical to the success of most advertising campaigns.

Regardless of the product or service a local small business sells, radio has the greatest reach among people who can afford to make a purchase.

Advertising In Philadelphia Household Income (2020)

These five facts affirm why Deloitte, the world's largest business consulting firm, recommends that "radio advertising should be a big part of the mix for those buying advertising."

"Radio’s weekly reach, the percentage of people who listen to radio at least once per week, has been remarkably stable in the United States," says Deloitte. "Not only has reach hovered around 94% for the last few years, but that number is essentially unchanged from the 94.9% percent figure in spring 2001 when Apple introduced the iPod."

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