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Local Business Recruits Clinical Test Subjects Using Philadelphia Radio

Dec 5, 2019 8:16:00 AM / by Larry Julius

"When we recruit for study participants on Philadelphia radio, we always hit our goals," says Michelle Golding, Managing Director of Clinical Research at KGL Skin Study Center in Broomfield, PA. "Some of our studies require us to find up to 350 participants."

KGL provides independent clinical testing services to major pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. These studies help determine the safety and effectiveness of a range of dermatology products including, topical drugs, cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and acne treatments.

"Our company was founded in 1964 by Dr. Albert Kligman in 1964," says Ms. Golding. "He is considered the grandfather of dermatology. He set the standard for the testing we still use today."

"The first time we advertised on Philadelphia radio was two years ago.  We needed to recruit participants for an acne study that we were asked to conduct. It required us to find teens and young adults who have moderate to severe acne. This can be a very difficult group to reach. Our radio commercials brought in more than enough participants to fill the study."

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