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How To Create A Podcast For A Philadelphia Small Business

Mar 11, 2022 3:11:08 PM / by Justin Muth

If you're anything like the 3.6 million Delaware Valley consumers who, according to Nielsen, listen to or download a podcast every month, you probably already see the value in podcasting as a relatively new audio medium that entertains, enlightens, motivates, or informs listeners.

But if you're part of the 72% of local adults who are not regular podcast listeners, you're probably wondering why on earth would anyone want to listen to a podcast, let alone create one for their Philadelphia business.

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Launching a podcast might seem like a daunting test for small business owners without much technical background or an understanding of how to structure a compelling conversation that will engage prospective customers.

In reality, local small business owners can easily reach new customers with podcasts and complement their traditional advertising in Philadelphia with a longer-form, conversational medium that showcases the company's knowledge in an authoritative manner.

This article will help Philadelphia small business owners understand the purpose of a podcast and provide some general ideas for how to build an audience.

Understanding The Goal - "Why Podcast"4

ADVERTISE IN Philadelphia: PODCASTINGBefore cracking the microphone and hitting the record button on a laptop, Philadelphia small business owners must first consider the "why". For some, it's simply a hobby or pastime. For others, it may be ego-driven. They want to be the star of the show, hoping to be known throughout the Philadelphia area.

But for many local business owners, the primary purpose of a podcast is to establish their company as the premier expert in their field. This is true for all professions in the Philadelphia area. This includes architects, restaurant owners, real estate professionals, financial planners, mechanics, attorneys, interior designers, fitness instructors.

LinkedIn lists a business owner's titles and accomplishments. But a business owner is more than a title and words on a bulleted list. A podcast allows the company to humanize its business.

The "About Me" section of a website is essential, too. To complement it, however, a podcast allows the Philadelphia business owners to build authority and credibility in its industry or niche business category.Advertise In Philadelphia

Before running to Best Buy or filling your Amazon cart with tons of podcasting equipment, Philadelphia business owners should first take a minute to think about these simple questions:

  1. Why launch a podcast?
  2. What will the podcast be about?
  3. What will be the short and long-term benefits of creating a podcast?

Whether you reach 40 people in Philadelphia or 40,000 subscribers throughout Pennsylvania, answering these questions will keep a business owner on track with the goals in mind.

Marketing Your Podcast – Building a Plan

It takes time and consistency to build a podcast audience. The key to using a podcast for creating customers is all about how the podcast is promoted throughout the Philadelphia area. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as submitting a podcast to iTunes and all available online directories.

An excellent starting point for any Philadelphia small business owner is promoting their podcast existing marketing channels, such as:

  • The company website
  • The business owner's personal and company LinkedIn pages
  • Personal social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages
  • YouTube (remember Google owns YouTube and indexes videos on search results pages)
  • Customer email lists
  • Facebook and LinkedIn groups

Podcasting has become a powerful medium for sharing ideas and providing listeners with compelling stories and information on various topics. It allows journalists, professors, local Philadelphia business owners, and other expert voices to reach new audiences with the added benefit of controlling the content.

Podcasting is a great, low-cost way to share a company's message, reach potential customers, and create valuable original content.

Not only can podcasts be used to advertise in Philadelphia and promote a small business, but they can also be a journal-style look into the inner workings of a business. Both entertaining and informative, podcasts are an excellent tool for engaging with current and potential customers.

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